What will be the next telekinoforum in Yalta?

Together with the telekinoforum, Yalta, the southern capital of Crimea, has also been transformed over these years. The forum presented the city in 2004 with a sculpture composition “Anton Chekhov and a lady with a dog”, in 2011 a monument to the pioneer of the Russian film industry and the founder of the local film studio Alexander Khanzhonkov, and in 2012 a concert grand piano to the Chekhov House Museum.
But the most important thing is that residents and guests of the city all this time can see on the streets all the time, celebrities, favorite artists, TV journalists and musicians, which means there is a unique opportunity to come and meet, take an autograph, take a picture of themselves.

Telekinoforum General Director Anatoly Usov said that this year Telekinoforum “Together will be held in Crimea, in the city of Yalta from 6 to 12 September.

The selection commissions, which complete the submission of entries on August 1, have already received television programs and feature films from Armenia, Belarus, Slovakia, Russia, Iran, Portugal, Serbia, Estonia, Spain, India, Poland.

According to his forecasts, TV journalists, filmmakers and pop stars of many countries will take part in the contests “Television programs and films” and “Television fiction films”, as well as in discussions and other events of the business and cultural program. Anatoly Usov noted that, as before, the General Partner of the Telecom Forum “Together” is the Government of Moscow. The prizes are made by the sponsor of the event by the Russian Bronze Company, for which the Organizing Committee expresses particular gratitude to the Honored Worker of Culture of Russia and Crimea Nina Nikolaevna Milyukova.

Work on the Creative Review Program is ongoing, and in this regard, Anatoly Usov suggested that discussions be held within the framework of “round tables” on topical issues of screen arts. So, the dean of the Faculty of Television of Moscow State University. MVLomonosova Vitaly Tretyakov gathers forum participants to discuss the question: is the blue screen a breeding ground for vulgarity and ignorance. Yury Polyakov, the writer and chairman of the editorial board of the Literary Gazette, intends to touch upon the topic of returning literature to the cinema during a meeting with forum delegates.

Traditionally, within the framework of the event, master classes and round tables will be held, in which national artists of Russia Alexander Mikhailov, Sergey Nikonenko, Vladimir Khotinenko and many others intend to take part.

Well-known television journalists and filmmakers will make an analysis of entries in the course of daily briefings. And on the embankment of Yalta it is planned to install screens on which competitive television and cinema works will be shown. Also, screenings of nominees will be held in the cinema halls of the hotel «Yalta-Intourist», «Saturn-IMAX», Humanitarian-Pedagogical Academy.

“Visiting Chekhov” is the name of the evening concert at the Anton Chekhov House Museum. Dialogue with colleagues and artistic intelligentsia of the Crimea will lead writers, journalists, artists. Russian folk songs and romances, favorite by the writer, will be performed by the laureates of the Anna Averina International Competitions, the Voronezhskie Girls Ensemble.

The Telekinoforum participants will take part in the Yalta Moscow Street celebration, which will be held on the capital’s birthday, will hold a friendly football match with the team of the Crimean Government and, of course, will traditionally visit the sailors of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia in Sevastopol, will visit warships and perform in the Officers’ Club with a large concert program.

Reporters were informed that the opening ceremony of the telekinoforum will be held in the most prestigious hall of the Crimea — “Yubileyny”, located on the Yalta embankment. Favorite Crimean artists and TV journalists, writers and actors will walk along the red carpet.

The closing ceremony and awarding of prizes to the winners will be held at the Crystal Concert Hall of the Yalta-Intourist Hotel.

The organizers of the Yalta meetings confirmed that the corresponding jury of the Telekinoforum are being formed, who will determine who will be awarded creative contests, the main of which is the “Grand Prix” symbolizing the union of the three graces — the music traditionally patronizing the arts.

Come, participate, win, it will be interesting!



Press Service of the General Directorate

International TV Film Forum “Together”