Regulations of the contests “Television programs and films” and “Television feature films” of the XIX International TV Film Forum “Together”

Article 1. The founders of the annual International TV Film Forum «Together»:

The Union of Journalists of Russia, Cinema Concern Mosfilm, International Confederation of Journalist Unions, International Confederation of Unions of Cinematographers of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Georgia, Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS Member States, Russian Bronze Trading House and the Foundation for Assistance to the Development of Television and Film Arts “International Forum of Television and Cinema”.

The project is implemented with the support of the Government of Moscow, the State Council and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea, the City Council and the Administration of Yalta.

The governing bodies of the TV Film Forum: President, Organizing Committee, Board of Trustees, General Directorate.

Article 2. The XIX International TV Film Forum “Together” is held on September 6-12, 2019 in Yalta, Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation.

Article 3. The TV Film Forum working languages: Russian and English.

Article 4. The contest «Television programs and films» includes the following nominations:

— Documentary

— Publicistic programs

— Special report

— Cognitive programs

— Local time

— Roots. History, ethnography, traditions …

— Debut

— Crimea open to the world

— Mobile report

Article 5. The contest «Television feature films» includes the following nominations:

— TV mini-series (up to 90  minutes)

— TV feature series (up to 8 episodes)

— TV Feature series (over 8 episodes)

— Screen writer

— Stage director

— Producer

— Actress

— Actor

Article 6. TV programs, documentaries and television feature films created (or first showed) in 2018 and 2019, regardless of the place of production and producing company, are accepted for participation in contests.

In case television programs and television feature films are made in a national language, subtitles in Russian or English are mandatory.

Article 7. An Application Form for participation in a contest (“Television programs and films” — Form 1, “Television feature films” — Form 2), including the provision of transferring the rights of non-commercial demonstration of a contest work to the TV Film Forum organizers and a DVD with a work,  is to be sent to the Forum Directorate from April 1 to August 1, 2019 to the following adress:

Russia, 127018, Moscow, Suschevsky Val street, 5, building 2, office 412., e-mail:

Within the same period of time an Applicant uploads his work to Yandex Disk. A corresponding link with the name of the work and a copy of an Application Form have to be sent to the General Directorate’s e-mail:

Each work should be accompanied by an annotation (4-5 sentences) and three large-scale photo illustrations. These materials will be used for the work with mass media and published in the information catalogue. Photo materials remain in the archive of the Directorate. Photos for printing are provided electronically (1200 * 1200 pixels).

All shipping costs are paid by an Applicant.

Article 8. Registration fee for participation in contests is 5000 (Five thousand) rubles. This provision does not apply to the works of students (nomination «Debut»). The registration fee is transferred to the bank account of the Foundation for Assistance to the Development of Television and Film Arts “International Forum of Television and Cinema”. Paiments are made in Russian rubles. A copy of the payment document with a bank mark is to be sent to the TV Film Forum Directorate by e-mail.

Article 9. Accreditation for the TV Film Forum:

Representatives of television and film companies and other creative organizations, who have not submitted their television programs and films to the contest but wish to participate in the Forum, should apply for accreditation. It should be sent no later than August 1, 2019 to the General Directorate of the TV Film Forum (Form 3). They should also pay an accreditation fee, which amount depends on the format of participation in the TV Film Forum (air tickets, accommodation, meals, participation in protocol events).

Article 10. Selection Boards functions from May 1 to August 1, 2019. Three best works will be selected in each nomination. Selection Boards have the right to reduce the number of nominations in contests should there is insufficient number of submitted works or their professional level is considered low.

Each selected work is represented by one of the producers — a nominee.  Replacement of a nominee by another representative of a company is not allowed!

Expenses related to the stay of a nominee at the TV Film Forum are covered by the General Derictorate. TV Film Forum is a non-profit event. All travel expenses for participation in the forum are paid by the participants themselves.

Article 11. The jury of a relevant contest of the XIX International TV Film Forum “Together” will choose the winner in each contest and award him a Diploma and a prize.

A television program and a television feature film is awarded a Grand Prix for outstanding artistic merits and affirmation of universal human values.

Article 12. Authors of the best works, determined by the relevant Selection Boards, should send a recording of a program or a film in DVD format to the General Directorate for their broadcasting, fully or partially, in programs about the Forum on television channels in the territory of the Forum member countries, as well as on large screens for informational demonstrations (without paying remuneration to the author).

Article 13. The program of the Forum, in addition to the contests “Television programs and films” and “Television feature films”, envisages informational demonstrations, briefings, press conferences, round tables, master classes and creative meetings.