Press office International TV Film Forum «Together»

Dear friends, dear colleagues!

The press service of the International Telekinoforum «Together» welcomes you on its page!

Thank you for your interest in our project and our activities.

We are open to communication and partnership.

If you are preparing a material about the International Telekinoforum “Together”, planning to interview the Director General, members of the jury or selection committee, participants, as well as our guests — we will be happy to give you accreditation.

Please send a request for accreditation in advance. This is especially true of the media, who plan to send their employees, the media of the Republic of Crimea, to Yalta, all those who wish to become or have already become partners of our event.

If your media, agency, foundation or company would like to establish long-term informational and partnering cooperation, always be up to date with events, receive exclusive information, tickets and invitations to our events — please send your suggestions in writing (with a mandatory note “Partnership”) by email.

A request for any kind of shooting, as well as an interview without a video recording, is made on the official letterhead of the company, addressed to the General Director of the International Telekinoforum «Together», Usov Anatoly Dmitrievich, and sent by e-mail.

The request for television and filming must specify the purpose of filming, the working title and scenario plan of the project, the timing and location of filming, as well as the release of the project on the air.

The Directorate has the right to refuse to conduct surveys without a written explanation of the reasons or to adjust the conditions for their conduct, depending on the circumstances.

Please send a request for shooting in advance. The term of consideration of the request — from 2 to 5 working days. After the General Manager’s positive visa, the request is sent to the Press Service to discuss the conditions and conclude a formal contract.

With best wishes and hope for fruitful cooperation,

Your Press Service

All information of interest can be obtained by calling:

+7 (901) 386-65-23 (Moscow), +7 (978) 501-52-43 (the phone works only on the territory of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol);